Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 4 - Tuesday

- Walk from Roman's apartment to the Hermitage museum. It's full of famous art from around the world. We knew it better as the Romanov palace from the movie Anastasia.
- Lunch at Roman's sister's apartment. Now we know where Roman get's his natural talent from making tiramisu.
- The search for Anastasia begins. It seems like a natural thing to do, watching Anastasia while in St. Peterburg, right? But all of the major bookstores that we tried did not have the movie in stock. Not being ale to find the movie made us want to watch it more.
- After this string of unsuccessful searches, Roman showed us how to hitch a ride in St. Petersburg (the city where every car is potentially a taxi). We hitched a ride to an English pub. We sang Happy Birthday to Roman for his twenty-first at midnight. The pub had a dominoes case and we introduced Greg to the game. He's pretty much hooked.
- We stopped at an all night sushi restaurant, open till 6AM. We were there late, debating amongst ourselves what governmets should be alowed to regulate. The four of us were a huge source of entertainment to everyone present who had no idea what was going on at our table.

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